Manufacturer: SM-Development
Sku #: SMDV_Flashwave2
Our Price: $269.99
Save: $50.00
MSRP: $319.99


Wireless Flash Wave 2 PRO Kit(s) allow photographers the freedom to move about without being "wired" to their strobe system. Without cords photographers can now work more creatively and interact with their subjects more personally and professionally. Flash Wave 2 PRO can isolate your digital camera from the studio strobe and eliminate the chance of voltage feedback into the camera from the flash. It is ideal for both studio and location situations and is economically priced!


  • No cables to break or to trip over
  • Enhance your creativity and maintain contact with your subject
  • 165 foot operating range
  • 10 coded channels eliminates misfires from other sources by locking out other strobes
  • Use the hot shoe feature to fire on-camera type flashes remotely
  • Synchronizes at shutter speeds up to 1/180th of a second
  • LED low battery light indicator
  • PC outlet on the receiver to accept PC to RCA phono jack (cable included)

Kit includes:

  • Transmitter (23A 12v battery included), Receiver (2 AAA batteries required), 2 Synch Cords, Mounting Strap, and handy Receiver Holder.

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