Manufacturer: Metabones
Sku #: MET_Gto4/3
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Why Metabones?

Since its inception, Metabones has been designing and manufacturing lens adapters recognized among professionals and enthusiasts as leaders in design and workmanship. Contrary to the popular trend of other factories using an aluminum ring painted black on the camera-body-side, we instead take no short-cut but use precision-machined brass with chromium plating on both the camera-body and the lens sides of our adapters, in order to ensure smooth mounting, great appearance, and durability.

Metabones uses matte-black treatment to keep internal reflection to a minimum in order to maintain the maximum optical quality possible with the lens.

    Main Features
  • Adapts Nikon G Lenses to Micro Four Thirds Lens Mount
  • features a clickless 7-stop aperture ring with half-stop markings
  • designed to allow lenses to reach infinity focus

NOTE: automatic lens functions, like autofocus, will not be retained when using this adapter.

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