Manufacturer: ThinkTank
Sku #: thinktank_airportroller
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This roller's 4 dual wheel sets make it easy to navigate and its ergonomic features reduce muscle fatigue. It meets US domestic and most international carry-on requirements.*

  • 4 dual wheel sets (8 wheels): Superior rolling ability and improved weight distribution provides greater stability and less fatigue on shoulder, arm, hand and wrist
  • Meets US domestic and most international carry-on requirements
  • Fits up to a 15” laptop and a tablet in 2 dedicated interior pockets
  • Lock & cable to secure lockable zippers and tether the bag
  • Compartments for; A tablet, up to 2 standard DSLRs with lenses attached or 1 pro DSLR and 1 standard DSLR both with lenses attached. Fits 6–7 standard zoom lenses or strobes
  • Accommodates a 400mm f/2.8 unattached (without laptop in the bag ONLY).

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