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Robust and Durable
The FIREFLY BEAUTY BOX is constructed from strengthened aluminum to minimize weight, yet retain durability.
Quick Setup and Tear Down
With one touch the BEAUTY BOX opens and closes like an umbrella. No support rods or adapter ring needed.
Soft Even Lighting
The reflective material is the same quality source as all Auora Softboxes. It ensures dependable edge to edge lighting. The white flat front diffusion panel further enhances the output quality.
Sleek and Compact
With a depth of only 19cm or 50cm in outside diameter the FIREFLY will work in almost any lighting situation. Its design has been submitted for patent approval.
Fully Adjustable Stand Bracket
The FIREFLY's unique stand bracket will accept most speedlights on the market. The height and depth of the flash are both controllable.
Silver Reflector and Hot Spot Reducer
A 15cm silver reflector has been sewn into the back of the diffusion panel to reduce the negative effects of a hot spot. It helps to even out the pattern of light from edge to edge.
Handy and Lightweight
Everything the photographer needs comes in one carry bag for simple transportation and storage.


  • One Touch Softbox
  • Fully Adjustable Stand Bracket
  • Tote Bag

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