• Canon Tripod Mount Ring C (WII) (for 70-300mm L Lens)

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Manufacturer: Canon
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Having the camera secured with a ring around the lens makes it possible to rotate the lens between landscape and portrait modes without removing the camera from the tripod. The friction thumbscrews can then be tightened to secure the camera in the desired position. When not needed, the ring can be rotated to an out of the way position. The New Canon C ring adds stability to your camera and lens. Due to its weight, when the lens is mounted with a camera on a tripod, the center of gravity is shifted to the lens. The ring attaches to the tripod and can be shifted to any position on the lens, ensuring the weight is evenly distributed Main Features
  • Allows Attachment Of Other Accessories
  • Thumbscrew Tightens and Loosens Ring
  • Friction Lock
  • Freely Rotates For Easy Lens Adjustment
  • Improves Tripod-Mounted Lens Balance
  • For EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 L Series Lens

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