Manufacturer: Olympus
Sku #: oly_FL20
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Exclusively designed for use with the Olympus digital cameras, this external flash unit combines power and versatile performance in a very compact, stylish form. With a high max. guide number of 20, the FL-20 ensures effective illumination while the manual, normal auto and auto TTL control modes allow the user the choice between full creativity or worry-free automatic operation.

The FL-20 flash attaches directly the hot shoe of the camera. It can also be used with the FL-BK01 Flash Bracket . When used with the FL-BK01, the TTL-TTL Cable (FL-CB01) is required for cameras with a TTL connector. Cameras with a hotshoe will require the Hot Shoe Cable (FL-CB02) when used with the FL-BK01. Purchase the Hot Shoe Flash Cable (FL-CB05) if have a camera with a hotshoe and would like to use a generic flash bracket.

Guide Number 20m (65ft)

Availability: Special Order Only

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