Manufacturer: Gitzo
Sku #: GHF3W
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MSRP: $879.95
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The compact 4.5" tall 3-Way fluid Head from Gitzo is a pan-and-tilt head with independent vertical, lateral, and pan locks. The locks disengage to enable you to move the head with a vertical range of -70° to +90°, in a lateral range of -30° to +90°, and in a full 360° pan. Each axis has an independent fluid cartridge to ensure that every movement is met with effortless smoothness without sticking. The Arca-type clamp at the top of the head also provides a 90° rotation that helps you switch from portrait to landscape orientation, as well as shooting straight to the ground. The two-axis bubble level rotates to match your orientation and ensures your horizon is straight. At the same time, the 2.1 lb three-way fluid head can support camera equipment weighing up to 28.6 lb. Its handles are retractable to easily store away.

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