• HARMAN EZ-35 Reusable Camera w/ HP5 Film

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Manufacturer: Ilford
Sku #: IL1181520
Our Price: $74.99
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Main Features: 
  • Reusable 35mm camera
  • Packaged with battery and strap
  • Includes 1 x roll ILFORD HP5+ 36exp film 
  • Motorised film load, advance and rewind
  • Built in flash
  • Film Format      135 Film (24x36mm)
  • Lens                31mm, F/11
  • Shutter            1/100s 
  • Focusing          Focus Free, 1m - ∞
  • View Finder      Field = 70%      
  • Film Transport   Motorized load, advance & rewind   
  • Flash                Built-in Flash, 15s recycle time
  • Lens Cover        Also acts as shutter lock
  • Dimensions      110 (W) x 62 (H) x 38 (D) mm
  • Weight             126g (w/o battery)

The HARMAN EZ-35 camera is not designed to be repaired or refurbished. If you have a functional issue with this camera within 60 days of purchase, please contact us with confirmation of the issue and proof of purchase to receive a replacement product.
  • HARMAN EZ-35 Reusable 35mm
  • Strap
  • AA Battery

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