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All H System lenses have been specially formulated for the H system to produce the extremely high performance expected from Hasselblad to meet the demands from conventional and digital photography alike. In addition to extreme sharpness, the design also incorporates a soft, pleasant looking boké (the visual quality of the out-of-focus areas of the image). All lenses feature an electronically controlled central shutter designed to extremely fine tolerances for supreme accuracy that also provides flash synchronization with all speeds from 256s to 1/800s. All lenses have a very rapid automatic focus capability with instant manual override.

The HCD 28mm lens has been designed to be compact and to deliver optimal performance when used with the 48×36mm sensor of the H system digital cameras. Image quality is refined with integral use of Digital Lens Correction which perfects the raw image by digitally removing any color aberration, vignetting and distortion. The resulting raw images have perfect pixel definition optimal for image rendering.

  • Equivalent 35mm Focal Length:21.2mm
  • Minimum Focus:0.35m
  • Filter Diameter: 95mm


  • The HCD 4/28 mm is designed for use on the H4X, H2D, H3D, H4D and H5D cameras only.
  • The HCD 4/28 mm lens is not compatible with the converter 1.7x.

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