Manufacturer: Hasselblad
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The Macro Converter is designed to improve the close range performance of wide angle H system lenses. Although primarily aimed for use in conjunction with the HC 50-II lens for optimum performance, it can also be used with any of the other H system wide angle lenses. The close range of the lens will be similar to that produced by a 6.5 mm extension tube. The performance, however, will be noticeably improved compared to extension tube use. The Macro Converter is mounted between the camera body and lens in the same manner as an extension tube.

Note:The Macro Converter cannot be combined with the following lenses:

  • HCD 35-90

  • HC 50-110

All other HC and HCD lenses (including the HTS 1.5x) can be used but optical performance is optimized when using the HC 50-II lens.

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