Lens Knowledge

Field Angle and Focal Length

A super wide angle lens can cover a wide field angle. Since one camera can cover a wide range, the number of cameras can be reduced. Instead, each individual image is small, and it becomes more difficult to check the requested image details as the distance increases.

The area inside each frame illustrates the image covered by an inch camera.The shorter the focal length, the wider the angle of view becomes. This means that you will have the widest picture when you have the smallest focal length.

However, if you want to shoot a picture at a further distance you are advised to use a larger focal length.

180deg- 8mm 114.2deg- 14mm 104deg- 11mm 84.1deg- 24mm 15.4deg- 28mm 63.4deg- 35mm 46.8deg- 50mm 34.3deg- 10mm 23.3deg- 105mm 18.2deg- 135mm 12.3deg- 200mm 8.2deg- 300mm 6.2deg- 400mm 5deg- 500mm 4.1deg- 600mm 3.1deg- 800mm