• Manfrotto #1051BAC - Black Alu. Air Cushioned MiniCompact Stand

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Manufacturer: Manfrotto
Sku #: 1051BAC
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Strong, reliable and conveniently compact. The Compact Photo Stand Mini with Air Cushioning is a true compact photo stand, with all the essential features you’d expect and more. Designed to make capturing that perfect shot even easier,and complement a life on the go, this camera stand balances a lightweight frame with impressive lifting abilities. It even comes as 4-sections, so you can slot each part together in a jiffy, without any fuss, and disassemble it when it’s time to go, or store in the studio.

Other great features on this essential compact photo stand include air cushioned movement. This helps you to move smoothly and surely. Even better, it also means you’ll never accidentally catch your fingers while you work, or jam your gear, so working fast and with confidence just got even easier. When you’re ready to go, you simply take the stand apart, and it’ll form a neat, easy-to-carry package, weighing just 1.8kg.

Even though this compact photo stand is lightweight, it’s strong enough to easily carry up to 5kg. This gives you the flexibility to pair with your equipment as needed on the day, without any worries. The 4-sections couldn’t be easier to control either, thanks to the 3-risers giving you extra control and protection as you work. To add to this list of user-friendly perks, it’s totally compatible with a range of stands too, meaning you’ll never have to carry more than you need. Simply pair with a variety of stands measuring 18cms, 20cms, 23cms and 30cms, which can be bought as singles, or packs. Plus, it comes with a universal M10 x 1.5 thread, and a removable M6 x 1 thread.

Rises to a maximum height of 7' (2.1 m)

Can hold up to 8.8 lbs (4kg)

Air Cushioned

  • Prevents damage to equipment or injury to fingers if you forget to fully tighten section locks.


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