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Quick to set up. Made to last. The combi-boom stand in black Aluminium and with a sandbag is a flexible and hard-wearing combi-boom stand. 

Designed to work as a practical light stand, you'll find set up is easy. Just extend the riser to the maximum height and press a lever for the boom. This quick functionality makes the combi-boom stand both easy and flexible for you to use. The counterweight sandbag ensures all your movements will stay smooth and accurate.

You're ensured stability on even the roughest of terrain thanks to the double-braced leg base. The maximum footprint of 109cm is perfect for spreading out over a sizeable area, and your combi-boom stand will stay balanced and safe for a more accurate shot. The universal sized screws offer you compatibility options no matter where you are. Use the reversible spigot, and you've an extra attachment for your lighting accessories. The maximum capacity for this stand is 9kg.

Main Features:  
  • Convertible Boom Stand
  • Includes Sandbag Counterweight (Empty)
  • 12.8' (3.9m)
  • Reversible Spigot
  • Unit Weight: 6lb / 2.7kg
  • Box Dimensions: 46.5 x 4.8 x 4.3"
  • Manfrotto 420B Combi Boom Stand (Black)
  • Manfrotto 013 Double-ended Spigot
  • Sandbag Counterweight (Empty)
  • Warranty

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