Manufacturer: Manfrotto
Sku #: MANFROTTO_504
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Save: $80.00
MSRP: $649.99
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The 504HD is Manfrotto's latest video fluid head. It is a perfect balance of design and performance. The bridge design improves the head's rigidity and its PAN friction control is fast, simple to fine-tune and protected from knocks. All structural components are made from aluminium, with the PAN axis rotation unit using ball bearings to obtain smooth, totally vibration-free controlled movements that can be directly adjusted using the head's FDS variable friction system. FDS on both the PAN and TILT axes also ensures that the head works perfectly at all temperatures, with all types of equipment and under all loads. Ergonomically improved lever and dial designs combine with the new friction index to give you complete control over the 504HD.

Maximum Load Capicity: 7.5 kg
Working Height: 15.5 cm
Weight: 2.9 kg

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