Manufacturer: Manfrotto
Sku #: 396B-2
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The Manfrotto 396B-2 Articulated Arm supports up to 11 lbs with its built-in camera bracket. The 396B-2 offers excellent performance: robustness, lightness and versatility. The 396 family has been developed to provide greater rigidity and support than the 196 range, while maintaining flexibility thanks to its extendable sliding arm, further enhanced by its quick lock system.


Maximum Length of the 396B-2 is 24.5 inches, and the new bottom attachment adds to the strength and versatility of the 396B-2, with a spigot that combines both a hexagonal part for anti-rotation attachment in the optional Superclamp and a universal adapter section (for attaching to a wide range of stands, clamps and accessories).

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