Manufacturer: Nikon
Sku #: 16102
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MSRP: $179.99


  • Designed specifically for the COOLPIX digital camera series, the Nikon MACRO COOL-LIGHT SL-1 is the latest innovation in high-quality macro photography.

  • The Nikon MACRO COOL-LIGHT SL-1 is targeted at advanced Nikon COOLPIX camera users who want to employ an additional illumination during macro photography.

  • Attached to a COOLPIX digital camera*, this compact, lightweight MACRO COOL-LIGHT SL-1 enables easy macro photography without the need for special lighting equipment or technique. The SL-1 features 8 extremely bright white LEDs which illuminate the subject. Users can enjoy approximately 6 hours of continuous operation provided by two lithium batteries.

  • The Nikon MACRO COOL-LIGHT SL-1 is a significant addition to the Nikon COOLPIX system, offering photographers greatly increased macro photography capability.

  • * Compatible with the Nikon COOLPIX4500, COOLPIX 950, COOLPIX 990, COOLPIX 995, COOLPIX 880*1, COOLPIX 885*2 and COOLPIX 775*3, COOLPIX 5000*4, COOLPIX 4300*2

    *1 Via Step Down Ring Lens Adapter UR-E2
    *2 Via Step Down Ring Lens Adapter UR-E4
    *3 Via Converter Adapter UR-E3
    *4 Via Step Down Ring Lens Adapter UR-E6
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