Manufacturer: Photoflex
Sku #: PHO_BSL3200
Our Price: $299.99
Save: $30.00
MSRP: $329.99
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The Starlite QL (Quick Lock) continuous light source has been redesigned to make softbox construction and tear-down even faster and easier.

The Starlite QL's new removeable handle makes precise softbox positioning quick and easy.

The Starlite QL's housing quickly dissipates heat, allowing set up and tear down within minutes after shooting - even if the light has been on for hours.

The revolutionary design of the Starlite lamp features a double-envelope bulb for care-free handling when cool. The inner halogen lamp is protected by a shatter resistant Pyrex outer shell.

The Starlite QL is compact and light-weight (2.7 lbs.); perfect for location or studio work.

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