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The Plus III Transceiver features an impressive 32 channels. Whether you're a wedding or sports shooter or working in a busy studio, finding a clear channel is never a problem. Selective Quad-Zone Triggering, a feature once reserved for elite photographers, adds four zones enabling photographers to remotely trigger flash and or cameras in groups or individually. For photographers being asked to do more for less, this added flexibility is a huge competitive advantage.

Auto-Sensing Transceiver TechnologyAutomatically Transmits or Receives radio signal.

Auto-Relay modeWirelessly triggers a remote camera and flash simultaneously.

Fast Triggering SpeedUp to 14.5 frames per second.

Zones: A – B – C – DCompatible with other PocketWizard radios with Quad-Zone Triggering channels

Wirelessly Triggers Cameras and Flash

1600 foot triggering range

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