Manufacturer: Quantum
Sku #: QUA_T2X2
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For power hungry digital cameras and flashes, Quantum stuffed twice the power into a smaller package. And, now you have two connections, for a camera and flash, two cameras, or two flashes!

Photographers need reliable power now more than ever. Quantum Turbo 2x2 provides programmable low voltage for your digicam, and high voltage for your flash at the same time. Now your flash keeps up with your camera, and camera with flash.

Be assured of reliability because Turbo 2x2 uses the latest Nickel Metal Hydride battery technology, visible "fuel gauge", and Quantum's proprietary, built-in charging circuitry.

Turbo 2x2 power a digital camera from one cable, and a flash through another. The proper voltage for each camera model is automatically adjusted. To power a different camera or flash, change only the cable.

For more details, visit Quantum's Website

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