Manufacturer: Sekonic
Sku #: SEK_L358c
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The most advanced and precise multi-function light meter for Cine or Video, plus exposure calibration for still imaging.
  • Specialized cine functionsincluding: Shutter-angle settings from 1 to 10o in 1o increments, from 15o to 270o in 5o increments plus 12o,17o,22o,144o and 172o individual settings, cine speeds from 1 to 1000 fps, preset filter factor numbers and compensation values, analog aperture scale in 1/3 steps, 17 custom function settings, and the ability to read cd/m2 from 0.25-190,000, Footcandles from 0.10-180,000, Footlamberts from 0.07- 190,000, and Lux from 0.63-190,000.
  • Super Sensitive Reflected Metering EV -2 to EV 22.9 (incident) and EV 1 to EV 24.4 (reflected)
  • 1o Spot with Digital Display Rectangular 1o spot viewfinder with vivid display.
  • Selectable Shutter Angles
  • FL, FC, EV, LUX and cd/m2
  • Filter Compensation
  • Retractable and Rotating Lumisphere

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