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This diagonal fisheye lens has an angle of view of 180 in the diagonal direction as well as minimum shooting distance of 15cm (5.9in.)

The minimum shooting distance of this lens is only 15cm(5.9 inch) and it has maximum magnification of 1:3.8. Minimum shooting distance of 15cm (5.9in.) and large depth of field allow close up photography that covers the objects surrounding the photographic subject like an insect or flower.

This lens is supplied with a gelatin filter holder at the rear, allowing the use of gelatin filters.

Digital SLR, that has smaller image sensor size than 35mm film cameras. Therefore, angle of view of 180 cannot be obtained with Digital SLR cameras. However, it uses only the center part of the frame, therefore, peripheral distortion will be very small. You can shoot as normal ultra wide angle lens.

Please Note: This lens is designed for Canon EOS Lens mount.

7 Year Sigma Canada Warranty

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