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The Sony HVL-F20M External Flash is an on-camera flash that supports the use of the Sony Alpha TTL system and is compatible with Sony's Multi Interface shoe.

A built-in diffuser helps to control the spread of the flash; when enabled the spread is wider to suit working with wide-angle lenses, and when disabled the flash beam is narrower and longer to benefit working with telephoto lenses.

  • The HVL-F20M provides a guide no. of 65.6' / 20m (ISO 100)
  • Accurate TTL flash metering is possible when used with compatible Alpha cameras and lenses that incorporate a distance encoder.
  • When attached to a compatible camera, this flash can be used as a wireless controller to remotely trigger an off-camera flash.
  • The flash head is able to bounce upward to +75° in order to provide greater control over the direction and spread of the flash output.
  • Intuitive use is afforded through the automatic on/off function by simply raising the flash into shooting position.
  • The flash utilizes two AAA batteries as its power source and provides over 90 flashes when using new alkaline batteries.

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