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Every serious photographer knows the value of a grip belt for comfortable, secure shooting in a wide range of situations - and this genuine leather STP-GB1AM grip belt gives you a safe and secure one-handed hold on your camera, leaving your other hand free to operate camera controls and move objects or make adjustments to your photo subject. Its simple adjustment system provides a snug fit with all Sony a (alpha) System DSLR models, with or without vertical grip accessory attached.
  • Provides secure one-hand grip allowing you to use your other hand for camera adjustments
  • Belt fastens simply and snugly to any α™ (alpha) Digital SLR Cameras with or without Vertical Grip accessory attached
  • Simple adjustment system lets you attach the grip belt to your camera and adjust the fit to your hand even after the belt is attached
  • Allows you to change camera batteries while still attached
  • Design allows your camera to be mounted on a tripod with Grip Belt attached, so you never have to take it off to change your shooting style

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