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Sony's WCS-999 wireless microphone is a great idea for making home movies or demonstration videos. Clip the microphone and transmitter to your subject and the receiver and earphone to yourself. The 900MHz frequency gives you long-range reception that even transmits through objects that get in the way.

Sony's WCS-999 offers up to 150 ft of transmission range for excellent recordings on a portable audio recorder or camcorder. Make your tapes more professional with this Sony hands-free microphone. This microphone is compatible with most camcorder equipped with mic input jack

  • Lets you record voices up to 150 feet away : depending on environment and transmission conditions
  • Ideal for video camcorders-- : captures the voices of family members on vacation, in sporting events, at recitals, birthdays and weddings
  • Ideal for Pressman┬« portable audio recorders : captures lectures and speeches, good for music and nature study
  • Supplied lavalier microphone : is tiny and unobtrusive, clips onto shirt or tie
  • Built-in windscreen : helps reduce the microphone's pickup of wind noise
  • ELECTRET CONDENSER MICROPHONE design : for high quality and small size
  • Omni-directional : microphone pattern picks up sound from all directions
  • Pocket-sized WIRELESS transmitter : is easy to hide, clips onto clothing for unobtrusive use
  • Plug-in power : for compatible Sony microphones, no need for separate mic battery
  • WIRELESS receiver : plugs into camcorder or audio recorder mic input; easily clips onto clothing, camcorder hand strap or shoulder strap
  • Three transmission channels : enable you to choose another channel if you encounter interference
  • Monitoring earphone : lets you hear what's being recorded; plugs into WIRELESS receiver
  • Mic Mixing : lets the camera operator and the subject both be recorded; requires a second microphone, optional, such as the Sony ECM-T145
  • Compact, lightweight design-- : the antennas are built into the transmitter and receiver
  • 900 MHz wide FM transmission : for outstanding sound quality, excellent
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE (100 -- 15,000 Hz) and extended DYNAMIC RANGE (more than 78 dB)
  • Switchable transmission channel : lets you choose the channel with clear, noise-free sound

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