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Most current sensor technology utilizes water repellent hydrophobic coating to reduce stain mark. Vdust Plus™ is an excellent alcohol based cleaning solution with fast evaporating quality ideal for removal of water stain, compatible with hydrophobic sensor coating. However, alcohol has poor cleaning quality for most common type of stains such as saliva and organic materials. In the other hand, Sensor Clean™ is an excellent cleaning solution powerful enough to remove organic and saliva stains but is water based.

  • More versatile than single liquid
  • Switching liquids enhances cleaning
  • Better value than single liquid
  • Easier to remove tough stain 

  • (1) 1.15ml VDust Plus Liquid Cleaner
  • (1) 1.15ml Sensor Clean Liquid Cleaner
  • (5) 1.0x Green MXD-100 VSwabs 

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